The Embrace Your Inner Critic Workshop

Embrace your inner critic to overcome fear and achieve your goals

Learn how to manage your mindset on this workshop for anyone lacking confidence, feeling anxious, or at a cross-roads in life.

In 60 minutes, we'll cover:

  • what thoughts are, types of belief systems, where belief systems come from, how your beliefs affect you
  • how to develop awareness, quieten your mind, recognise your inner critic and become an observer of your thoughts
  • how to strengthen your thoughts and make better choices in all areas of your life (and change your relationship with fear!).
Jacqui Taaffe

Jacqui Taaffe is a Life & Mind Coach, Hypnotherapist, Trainer and Author based in Co. Louth.

Join Jacqui on this hands-on workshop to discover how to embrace your inner critic for clarity on your fears & goals in life. 

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